American Modernism

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At Mouquin's
William Glackens
American, 1870–1938
At Mouquin's, 1905
A Reasonable Facsimile
Arthur Dove
American, 1880–1946
A Reasonable Facsimile, 1942
A Face from Georgia
Ivan Albright
American, 1897–1983
A Face from Georgia, 1970/74
And Man Created God in His Own Image
Ivan Albright
American, 1897–1983
And Man Created God in His Own Image, 1930/31
A Boy Named Alligator
Kathleen Blackshear
American, 1897–1988
A Boy Named Alligator, 1930
Cabin in the Cotton
Horace Pippin
American, 1888–1946
Cabin in the Cotton, c. 1931–1937
Charles Demuth
American, 1883–1935
Business, 1921
Peter Blume
American, born Russia (now Belarus), 1906–1992
Buoy, 1941
...And the Home of the Brave
Charles Demuth
American, 1883–1935
...And the Home of the Brave, 1931
By-Products Plants
Joseph Stella
American, born Italy, 1877–1946
By-Products Plants, 1923/26

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