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Life Cast of the Hands and Face of Abraham Lincoln
Leonard Welk Volk
American, 1828-1895
Life Cast of the Hands and Face of Abraham Lincoln, 1860
Josephine Medill Patterson Albright
Ivan Albright
American, 1897-1983
Josephine Medill Patterson Albright, 1954
Kneeling Figure
Robert Laurent
American, born France, 1890-1970
Kneeling Figure, modeled 1935, cast by 1938
Kneeling Women
Abbott Pattison
American, 1916–1999
Kneeling Women, 1940
Thomas Eakins
American, 1844-1916
Knitting, modeled 1882–83, cast c. 1886
Lawrence Barrett as "Cassius"
Jonathan Scott Hartley
American, 1846-1912
Lawrence Barrett as "Cassius", 1884
Jules Bastien-Lepage
Augustus Saint-Gaudens
American, born Ireland, 1848-1907
Cast by Magee Furnace Company
Chelsea, Massachusetts
Jules Bastien-Lepage, modeled in 1880, cast in copper and bronze 1881
Kneeling Girl
Malvina Hoffman
American, 1887-1966
Kneeling Girl, 1926
Lassoing Wild Horses
Solon Hannibal Borglum
American, 1868-1922
Lassoing Wild Horses, 1898
Jephtha's Daughter
Chauncey Bradley Ives
American, 1810-1894
Jephtha's Daughter, 1874

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