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Homer Reciting the Iliad
William Ordway Partridge
American, 1861-1930
Cast by Roman Bronze Works
American, early 20th century
Homer Reciting the Iliad, 1900
Indian Youth Training a Bear
Paul Weyland Bartlett
American, 1865-1925
Indian Youth Training a Bear, 1887/97
Indian Head
Ivan Mestrovic
American, born Croatia, 1883-1962
Indian Head, 1926
Jules Bastien-Lepage
Augustus Saint-Gaudens
American, born Ireland, 1848-1907
Cast by Magee Furnace Company
Chelsea, Massachusetts
Jules Bastien-Lepage, modeled in 1880, cast in copper and bronze 1881
Howard Shaw
Albin Polasek
American, born Czech Republic, 1879-1965
Howard Shaw, 1920
Indian and Pronghorn Antelope
Paul Manship
American, 1885-1966
Cast by Roman Bronze Works
American, early 20th century
Indian and Pronghorn Antelope, 1914
Maeble Perry Edwards
American, 1897-1981
Jeff, 1932
Jephtha's Daughter
Chauncey Bradley Ives
American, 1810-1894
Jephtha's Daughter, 1874
James H. Dole (1824-1902)
Johannes Sophus Gelert
American, born Denmark, 1852-1923
James H. Dole (1824-1902), 1894
Josephine Medill Patterson Albright
Ivan Albright
American, 1897-1983
Josephine Medill Patterson Albright, 1954

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