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Horatio Greenough
American, 1805-1852
Abdiel, 1838/43
Abraham Lincoln
Daniel Chester French
American, 1850-1931
Foundry: Roman Bronze Works (New York, N.Y.)
American, early 20th century
Abraham Lincoln, modeled 1912, cast after 1912
Abraham Lincoln
Daniel Chester French
American, 1850-1931
Abraham Lincoln, modeled 1916; cast after 1916
Albin Polasek, Sculptor
Charles Webster Hawthorne
American, 1872-1930
Albin Polasek, Sculptor, 1917
Hiram Powers
American, 1805-1873
America, 1850/1854
Amor Caritas
Augustus Saint-Gaudens
American, 1848-1907
Amor Caritas, modeled 1897; cast after 1899
Donal Hord
American, 1902-1966
Aztec, c. 1937
Bacchante with Infant Faun
Frederick W. MacMonnies
American, 1863-1937
Cast by Jaboeuf et Rouard
Paris, France
Bacchante with Infant Faun, modeled 1894, cast after 1894
Bust from the Adams Memorial
Augustus Saint-Gaudens
American, born Ireland, 1848-1907
Bust from the Adams Memorial, modeled 1892–93; cast 1912
Daniel Chester French
American, 1850-1931
Bust of Mary Harris Thompson, M. D., 1902

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