Paintings, 1800-1899

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Madame Paul Escudier (Louise Lefevre)
John Singer Sargent
American, 1856-1925
Madame Paul Escudier (Louise Lefevre), 1882
Magnolias on Light Blue Velvet Cloth
Martin Johnson Heade
American, 1819-1904
Magnolias on Light Blue Velvet Cloth, 1885/95
Major-General Henry Dearborn
Gilbert Stuart
American, 1755-1828
Major-General Henry Dearborn, 1812
Man in Black
Artist unknown
Man in Black, 1820/40
Attributed to Edward Greene Malbone
American, 1777-1807
Man of the Hunter Family, 1803
Man with a Pen
Jonas Welch Holman
American, 1805-1873
Man with a Pen, c. 1827/30
Jacob Eichholtz
American, 1776-1842
Master Schaum, 1808/10
Jacob Eichholtz
American, 1776-1842
Miss Schaum, 1808/10
Mist Rising at Sunset in the Catskills
Sanford Robinson Gifford
American, 1823-1880
Mist Rising at Sunset in the Catskills, c. 1861
George Inness
American, 1825-1894
Moonrise, 1891

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