Paintings, 1800-1899

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Just Dessert
William Michael Harnett
American, born Ireland, 1848-1892
Just Dessert, 1891
Elbridge Ayer Burbank
American, 1858-1949
Kah-Kap-Tee/Moqui, 1898
Kauterskill Clove, Catskill Mountains
Sanford Robinson Gifford
American, 1823-1880
Kauterskill Clove, Catskill Mountains, 1880
Elbridge Ayer Burbank
American, 1858-1949
Ko-Pe-Ley/Moqui, 1898
Lady in Brown
Frederick R. Spencer
American, 1806-1875
Lady in Brown, c. 1855
Landscape with Dog
Thomas Doughty
American, 1793-1856
Landscape with Dog, 1832
Landscape, Sunset
George Inness
American, 1825-1894
Landscape, Sunset, 1887/89
Love's Melancholy
Constant Mayer
American, born France, 1832-1911
Love's Melancholy, 1866
Madame Paul Escudier (Louise Lefevre)
John Singer Sargent
American, 1856-1925
Madame Paul Escudier (Louise Lefevre), 1882
Magnolias on Light Blue Velvet Cloth
Martin Johnson Heade
American, 1819-1904
Magnolias on Light Blue Velvet Cloth, 1885/95

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