Paintings, 1800-1899

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George Inness
American, 1825-1894
Autumn Woods, 1891/94
Bar-room Scene
William Sidney Mount
American, 1807-1868
Bar-room Scene, 1835
Barnyard in Pennsylvania
Edward Lamson Henry
American, 1841-1919
Barnyard in Pennsylvania, 1859/60
Ernest L. Ipsen
American, 1869-1951
Benjamin Franklin Ferguson, 1899
Bird's Nest and Ferns
Fidelia Bridges
American, 1834-1923
Bird's Nest and Ferns, 1863
Blasted Tree
Jasper Francis Cropsey
American, 1823-1900
Blasted Tree, 1850
Boats at Rest
Arthur Wesley Dow
American, 1857-1922
Boats at Rest, c. 1895
Boston Common
Artist unknown
Boston Common, 1850/63
Brooklyn Bridge
Henry Ward Ranger
American, 1858-1916
Brooklyn Bridge, 1899
Capture of the Tripoli by the Enterprise
Thomas Birch
American, born England, 1779-1851
Capture of the Tripoli by the Enterprise, 1806/12

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