American Quilts

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Bedcover (Charter Oak Quilt)
United States
Bedcover (Charter Oak Quilt), c.1835
Bedcover (Cigar Ribbon Quilt)
United States
Bedcover (Cigar Ribbon Quilt), 1880s
Bedcover (Cherry Basket Quilt)
United States
Bedcover (Cherry Basket Quilt), c. 1860
Bedcover (Century Quilt)
Mary Abigail (née Abbe) Fessenden (American, 1816–1904/5)
United States, Maine
Bedcover (Century Quilt), 1826-1904
Bedcover (Bride's Quilt)
Sarah Catherine "Kate" (née Strother) McClanahan (American, 1834/35-1887)
United States, Virginia or Kentucky
Bedcover (Bride's Quilt), 1868
Bedcover (Cherry Baskets)
United States
Bedcover (Cherry Baskets), c. 1862
Bedcover (Cherry Wreaths Quilt)
Kate (née Reed) DeCamp Campbell (American, 1846?-1910)
United Sates, Indiana, Frankfort
Bedcover (Cherry Wreaths Quilt), c. 1865
Bedcover (Bride's Quilt)
United States
Bedcover (Bride's Quilt), 1861
Bedcover (Cherry Trees and Robins Bride's Quilt)
United States
Bedcover (Cherry Trees and Robins Bride's Quilt), 1820/50
Bedcover (Centennial Fabric with Portraits of George Washington)
United States
Bedcover (Centennial Fabric with Portraits of George Washington), 1875/1900

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