American Quilts

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Bedcover (Album Quilt)
United States
Bedcover (Album Quilt), 1845/50
Bedcover ("Sawtooth" or "Jagged Square" Quilt)
Pennsylvania Dutch
United States, Pennsylvania
Bedcover ("Sawtooth" or "Jagged Square" Quilt), c. 1890
Bedcover ("Star and Crescent" Quilt)
Pennsylvania Dutch
United States, Pennsylvania
Bedcover ("Star and Crescent" Quilt), early 19th century
Bedcover ("Nine Patch" Quilt)
United States
Bedcover ("Nine Patch" Quilt), late 19th century
Bedcover (Amish Diamond in a Square)
United States, Pennsylvania, Lancaster County
Bedcover (Amish Diamond in a Square), c. 1925
Bedcover (Basket of Flowers Quilt)
Made for the Bridges Family
United States, Kentucky, Lexington
Bedcover (Basket of Flowers Quilt), c. 1860
Bedcover (Amish Plain Quilt)
United States, Ohio, Holmes County
Bedcover (Amish Plain Quilt), c. 1890
Bedcover (Album or Friendship Quilt)
Made for Ella Maria Deacon (American, 1811–1894)
United States, New Jersey, Mount Holly
Bedcover (Album or Friendship Quilt), 1842
Bedcover (Album Quilt)
Made by the ladies of the United Presbyterian Church in West Alexandria, Pennsylvania, for their pastor, Rev. James Chauncey Murch (d. 1879)
United States, Pennsylvania, West Alexander
Bedcover (Album Quilt), 1857
Bedcover (Altered or Unfinished Crazy Quilt)
Phyllis Rothschild (American, active c. 1883)
United States
Bedcover (Altered or Unfinished Crazy Quilt), 1883

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