American Quilts

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Bedcover (Sunburst Quilt)
United States
Bedcover (Sunburst Quilt), c. 1850
Bedcover (Sunburst Quilt)
United States, Kentucky
Bedcover (Sunburst Quilt), c. 1820
Bedcover (Sunburst or Feathered Edged Star Quilt)
United States
Bedcover (Sunburst or Feathered Edged Star Quilt), c. 1830
Bedcover (Sunday School Picnic)
Jennie C. (née Achenbach) Trein (American, 1879–1977)
United States, Pennsylvania, Nazareth
Bedcover (Sunday School Picnic), 1932
Bedcover (The Circuit Rider's Quilt)
United States, Ohio, Miami
Bedcover (The Circuit Rider's Quilt), c. 1862
Bedcover (Sunbonnet Babies Quilt)
Maggie Carson (American, 1898–1997)
United States, Illinois, Sidell
Bedcover (Sunbonnet Babies Quilt), 1920s
Bedcover (Star and Oak Leave Motif)
United States, Wisconsin, Rochester
Bedcover (Star and Oak Leave Motif), 1880's
Bedcover (Starry Nite Quilt)
Irene Ezbetski (American, active c. 1983)
United States, Pennsylvania, probably Kutztown
Bedcover (Starry Nite Quilt), 1983
Bedcover (Star of Bethlehem Quilt)
United States, New York, possibly Newburgh
Bedcover (Star of Bethlehem Quilt), c. 1830
Bedcover (Sunburst or Modern Star Quilt)
United States
Bedcover (Sunburst or Modern Star Quilt), c. 1850

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