Modern Yardage

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Panel (Dress Fabric)
Panel (Dress Fabric), c. 1900
Panel (Dress or Furnishing Fabric)
Designed by Léon Bakst (Russian, born Belarus, 1866–1924)
Produced by the Robinson Silk Company for Clingen and Selig
United States, New York
Panel (Dress or Furnishing Fabric), 1922 (produced 1924)
Panels (Curtain Fabric)
Designed by Josef Hillerbrand (German, 1892–1981)
Woven and produced by Deutsche Werkstätten GmbH. (Founded 1898)
Germany, Munich
Panels (Curtain Fabric), 1924
Romans (Dress or Furnishing Fabric)
Designed by Viola Gråsten (Swedish, born Finland, 1910–1994)
Probably produced by Mölnlycke Väfveri (Founded 1849)
Romans (Dress or Furnishing Fabric), c. 1956
Santa Sofia(Panel) (Dress or Furnishing Fabric)
Designed by Josef Hoffmann (Austrian, 1870–1956)
Produced by the Wiener Werkstätte (1903–1932)
Austria, Vienna
Santa Sofia(Panel) (Dress or Furnishing Fabric), 1910/12
Uncut Yardage (Panel for Dress)
Uncut Yardage (Panel for Dress), 18th century, Qing dynasty (1644-1911)

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