Modern Yardage

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Designed by Mariano Fortuny y Madrazo (Italian, born Spain, 1871–1949)
Printed and produced by the Società Anonima Fortuny
Italy, Venice
Border, 1920/30
Designed by Jacobus W. G. Gidding (Dutch, 1887–1955)
Carpet, 1920/25
Coral Stucture (Furnishing Fabric)
Designed by Astrid Sampe
Swedish, 1909–2002
Produced by Nordiska Kompaniet. Textilkammare
Sweden, Floda
Coral Stucture (Furnishing Fabric), 1960s/70s
Frucht Korb (Fruit Basket) (Dress or Furnishing Fabric)
Designed by Elisabeth Raab (German, born 1904)
Printed and produced by Deutsche Werkstätten GmbH. (Founded 1898)
Germany, Munich
Frucht Korb (Fruit Basket) (Dress or Furnishing Fabric), 1920/27
Horses (Furnishing Fabric)
Designed by Saul Steinberg (American, born Romania, 1914–1999)
Produced by Patterson Fabrics Inc.
United States, New York, New York
Horses (Furnishing Fabric), c. 1949/52
La Moisson (The Harvest)
Designed by Raoul Dufy (French, 1877–1953)
Produced by Bianchini Férier, founded 1888
La Moisson (The Harvest), 1920
Marchesa (Dress or Furnishing Fabric)
Designed by Mathilde Flögl (Austrian, born Czech Republic, 1893–1950)
Produced by the Wiener Werkstätte, 1903–1932
Austria, Vienna
Marchesa (Dress or Furnishing Fabric), 1928
Mohnköpfe (Poppyheads) (Dress or Furnishing Fabric)
Designed by Koloman Moser (Austrian, 1868–1918)
Produced by Johan Backhausen and Söhne
Austria, Vienna
Mohnköpfe (Poppyheads) (Dress or Furnishing Fabric), 1900
Orongo (Furnishing Fabric)
Designed by Carona Danorfar (English, active c. 1967)
Produced by Edinburgh Weavers
England, Cumbria, Carlisle
Orongo (Furnishing Fabric), 1967/68
Designed by Maria Monaci Gallenga (Italian, 1880–1940)
Italy, Rome
Panel, 1920/30

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