Liturgical Textiles and Attire

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Vestments made by Minnie B. Hanner (American, active c. 1934)
Orphreys made by Alice Richardson (American, active c. 1934) of Christ Church, Joliet
United States, Illinois, Joliet
Chasuble, Stole, Maniple, Chalice Veil, Burse, 1934
Italy or Sicily
Cope, 1601/75
Italy or Spain
Cope, 1675/1725
Cope, 1750/1800
Italy, Venice
Cope, 1460/70
Probably Italy or France
Chasuble, Stole, Maniple, and Burse, 1775/1825
After a fresco by Andrea del Sarto (Italian, 1486–1530) (Tondo only)
Chasuble with Medallion Depicting John the Baptist, 1575/1625
Chasuble with Orphrey Bands, 17th century
Chasuble with Orphrey Band
Chasuble: Italy or Spain
Chasuble with Orphrey Band, Chasuble: Late 15th century; Orphrey Band: Late 15th/early 16th century
Chasuble, Stole, and Maniple
France or Italy
Chasuble, Stole, and Maniple, Late 17th/early 18th century

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