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Belgium, Brussels
Bertha, Dress Front, Collars, and Two Cuffs, c. 1900
Northern Italy
Altar Frontal, 1725/50
Italy, possibly Burano
Bertha, c. 1900
Bedcover or Hanging, 1701/25
Probably Italy, Venice
Bertha and Two Cuffs (Made from a Border), 1895/1905
Altar Border, 18th century
Bag (Half of Bag)
West Indies, Barbados
Bag (Half of Bag), c. 1907
Belgium, probably Bruges
Babies Cap, 1850/1900
Sara Russ (American, active c. 1837)
United States, New Hampshire, Newport
Bonnet Veil, 1837
Mary Chadbourne Keith Norton (American, 1807-1890)
United States, probably Maine, South Berwick
Bonnet Veil, c. 1820

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