A Case for Wine: From King Tut to Today

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Café du Dome, Paris
André Kertész
American, born Hungary, 1894–1985
Café du Dome, Paris, 1925, printed 1970s
The Supper after the Masked Ball
Thomas Couture (French, 1815-1879)
printed and manufactured by Jules Desfossé (French, 1816-1889)
The Supper after the Masked Ball, c. 1855
Still Life
Giorgio Morandi
Italian, 1890-1964
Still Life, 1955
Oinochoe (Pitcher)
Greek; Athens
Attributed to The Painter of Naples 3136
Oinochoe (Pitcher), about 440 BC
Untitled (Yellow Sand Fountain)
Joseph Cornell
American, 1903–1972
Untitled (Yellow Sand Fountain), early 1950s

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