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Bedcover (Album or Friendship Quilt)
Made for Ella Maria Deacon (American, 1811–1894)
United States, New Jersey, Mount Holly
Bedcover (Album or Friendship Quilt), 1842
Bedcover (Cigar or Tobacco Rectangles ("Top Sheets") Quilt)
Theresa Zett Smith (American, 1866–1920)
United States, New York, Syracuse
Bedcover (Cigar or Tobacco Rectangles ("Top Sheets") Quilt), 1913
Designed by Mariano Fortuny y Madrazo (Italian, born Spain, 1871–1949)
Printed and produced by the Società Anonima Fortuny
Italy, Venice
Border, 1920/30
Designed by William Morris (English, 1834–1896)
Produced by Morris & Company, 1875–1940
Woven at Merton Abbey Works, 1881–1940
England, Surrey, Wimbledon
Carpet, 1887
Casket Depicting Scenes from the Old Testament
Made by Rebecca Stonier Plaisted (English, active, c. 1668)
Casket Depicting Scenes from the Old Testament, 1668
Chasuble with Orphrey Band
Chasuble: Italy or Spain
Chasuble with Orphrey Band, Chasuble: Late 15th century; Orphrey Band: Late 15th/early 16th century
Collar (Made from Border)
Collar (Made from Border), 1575/1625
Cope, 1475/1525
James Cunningham (American, born Socttish, c. 1797-after 1865)
United States, New York, Oneida County, New Hartford
Coverlet, 1843
Das andere Land (The Other Land)
Lissy Funk (Swiss, born Germany, 1909–2005)
Executed at Lissy Funk Studio
Switzerland, Zürich
Das andere Land (The Other Land), 1986/87

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