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Benjamin Franklin Commemorative Medal
Louis Saint-Gaudens
American, 1854-1913
Benjamin Franklin Commemorative Medal, 1906
Ernest L. Ipsen
American, 1869-1951
Benjamin Franklin Ferguson, 1899
Berry Bowl
George W. Shiebler
American, 1846-1920
Made by George W. Shiebler (1876-1891) or George W. Shiebler and Company (1892-1907/10)
Berry Bowl, 1885/95
Whiting Manufacturing Co.
American, 1866-1926
New York, New York
Berry Spoon, 1902
Beverage Server and Cover
Arthur Jon Pulos
American, 1917-1997
Syracuse, New York
Beverage Server and Cover, 1956
Bird's Nest and Ferns
Fidelia Bridges
American, 1835-1923
Bird's Nest and Ferns, 1863
Black Cross, New Mexico
Georgia O'Keeffe
American, 1887-1986
Black Cross, New Mexico, 1929
Black Hole
Toshiko Takaezu
American, 1922-2011
Black Hole, 2000
Black Rock with Blue Sky and White Clouds
Georgia O'Keeffe
American, 1887-1986
Black Rock with Blue Sky and White Clouds, 1972
New England
Blanket chest, 1650/1700

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