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Hiram Powers
American, 1805-1873
America, 1850/1854
American Gothic
Grant Wood
American, 1891-1942
American Gothic, 1930
Among the Redwoods
Wallace L. DeWolf
American, 1854-1930
Among the Redwoods, 1920
Amor Caritas
Augustus Saint-Gaudens
American, born Ireland, 1848-1907
Amor Caritas, modeled 1897; cast after 1899
An Abundance of Fruit
Severin Roesen
American, born Germany, 1815/17-1872
An Abundance of Fruit, c. 1860
An Alcove in the Art Students' League
Charles Courtney Curran
American, 1861-1942
An Alcove in the Art Students' League, 1888
Arthur B. Davies
American, 1862-1928
An Antique Orison, c. 1914
An Old Salt
Julius Gari Melchers
American, 1860-1932
An Old Salt, c. 1895
Anagama Vase
Toshiko Takaezu
American, 1922-2011
Anagama Vase, 1980/89
Ancient Flutes
William Hunter
American, born 1947
El Portal, California
Ancient Flutes, 1990

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