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Designed by George Nelson
American, 1908-1986
Manufactured by Herman Miller Inc.
American, founded c. 1930
"Action Office" Wall-Mounted Desk, 1964
Henry Peter Glass
American, born Austria, 1911–2003
"American Way" Chair, 1942
"Belmead" Center table
Alexander Jackson Davis
American, 1803-1892
Probably made by Alexander Roux
American, born France, c.1813-1886
"Belmead" Center table, c. 1846
George Nakashima
American, 1905-1990
New Hope, Pennsylvania
"Conoid Chair", 1988
Henry P. Glass
American, born Austria, 1911–2003
"Cricket" Chair, 1978
"Cylindra" Table
Henry P. Glass
American, born Austria, 1911–2003
"Cylindra" Table, 1966
"Womb Chair"
Designed by Eero Saarinen
American, 1910-1961
Manufactured by Knoll Associates, Inc.
American, founded 1938
East Greenville, Pennsylvania
"Womb Chair", 1948
John Cederquist
American, born 1946
2-D Thonet, 1985
A. H. Davenport & Co.
American, 1875-1910
Design attributed to Francis H. Bacon
American, 1856-1940
Armchair, c. 1885
North America, Southwest region
Armchair, 1780/1830

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