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Feathered Tunic
Peru, south coast, Possibly Nazca Valley,
Feathered Tunic, A.D. 1470/1532
Bowl with Mirror Pattern of Birds Framed by Geometric Motifs
Mimbres branch of the Mogollon, Classic Mimbres Black-on-white
New Mexico, United States
Bowl with Mirror Pattern of Birds Framed by Geometric Motifs, A.D. 950/1150
Birchbark Pail
Probably Penobscot
Maine, United States
Birchbark Pail, c. 1760
Bottle with Underwater Serpents
Possibly Arkansas, United States
Bottle with Underwater Serpents, A.D. 1300/1500
Sandpainting Tapestry
Hosteen Klah (1867–1937)
Navajo (Diné)
Arizona, United States
Sandpainting Tapestry, c. 1925
Possibly Ica Valley, south coast, Peru
Poncho, 1476/1532
Chief Blanket (Third Phase)
Navajo (Diné)
Northern New Mexico or Arizona, United States
Chief Blanket (Third Phase), c. 1860/65
Ceremonial Basket with Spiral Design
Western Apache
Salt River Canyon, Arizona, United States
Ceremonial Basket with Spiral Design, c. 1910
Peru, Probably central or south coast
Tunic, A.D. 600/800

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