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Bottle with Underwater Serpents
Possibly Arkansas, United States
Bottle with Underwater Serpents, A.D. 1300/1500
Birchbark Pail
Probably Penobscot
Maine, United States
Birchbark Pail, c. 1760
Bowl with Mirror Pattern of Birds Framed by Geometric Motifs
Mimbres branch of the Mogollon, Classic Mimbres Black-on-white
New Mexico, United States
Bowl with Mirror Pattern of Birds Framed by Geometric Motifs, A.D. 950/1150
Ceremonial Basket with Spiral Design
Western Apache
Salt River Canyon, Arizona, United States
Ceremonial Basket with Spiral Design, c. 1910
Ceremonial Vessel (Aryballos)
Probably vicinity of Cuzco, Peru
Ceremonial Vessel (Aryballos), A.D. 1400/1532
Chief Blanket (Third Phase)
Navajo (Diné)
Northern New Mexico or Arizona, United States
Chief Blanket (Third Phase), c. 1860/65
Burden Basket
Northern California, United States
Burden Basket, 1870/80
Ica Valley, south coast, Peru
Beaker, Late 15th/early 16th century
Ceremonial Knife (Tumi)
North coast, Peru
Ceremonial Knife (Tumi), A.D. 1100/1470
Ballplayer Panel
Late Classic Maya
Usumacinta River area, Mexico or Guatemala
Ballplayer Panel, A.D. 700/800

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