Artists in Chicago

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"Painted Apartment": Isometric View
Krueck & Olsen Architects (American, 1978–c. 1990)
Ronald Krueck (American, born 1946)
Mark Sexton (American, born 1956)
"Painted Apartment": Isometric View, 1983
25th Place and Canal Street, Chicago
Kenneth Josephson
American, born 1932
25th Place and Canal Street, Chicago, September 1959
A Mansion at Prairie Avenue
Irene Clark
American, 1927–1980 (death date unconfirmed)
A Mansion at Prairie Avenue, c. 1955
Adler Planetarium and Astronomy Museum Addition: Design Drawings, West Elevation
Lohan Associates
American, 1986-2002

John Ronan
American, born 1963
Adler Planetarium and Astronomy Museum Addition: Design Drawings, West Elevation, c. 1995 (building completed 1999)
Angry Young Machine
H. C. Westermann
American, 1922-1981
Angry Young Machine, 1959
Avery Coonley Playhouse: Triptych Window
Frank Lloyd Wright
American, 1867-1959
Avery Coonley Playhouse: Triptych Window, 1912
Back Teria One Oh! One
Karl Wirsum
American, born 1939
Back Teria One Oh! One, 1981
Bedcover (Victory Quilt)
Bertha Stenge (American, 1891–1957)
United States, Illinois, Chicago
Bedcover (Victory Quilt), 1942
Bedcover or Parlor Throw (Crazy Quilt)
Lana Almedia Marcellus Jeffery (American, 1865–1935)
United States, Illinois, Aurora or Chicago
Bedcover or Parlor Throw (Crazy Quilt), 1896/1900
Julia Fish
American, born 1950
Bloom, 1989

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