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Aureus (Coin) Portraying Faustina the Younger
Roman, minted in Rome
Aureus (Coin) Portraying Faustina the Younger, A.D. 161
Aureus (Coin) Portraying Hadrian
Roman, minted in Rome
Aureus (Coin) Portraying Hadrian, A.D. 120–123
Aureus (Coin) Portraying Marcus Aurelius
Aureus (Coin) Portraying Marcus Aurelius, A.D. 153–154
Aureus (Coin) Portraying Sabina
Roman, minted in Rome
Aureus (Coin) Portraying Sabina, A.D. 134
Octodrachm (Coin) Portraying Queen Arsinoë II
Greco-Egyptian, probably minted in Alexandria, Egypt
Octodrachm (Coin) Portraying Queen Arsinoë II, Ptolemaic Period, (after 270 B.C.), issued by King Ptolemy II or III
Solidus (Coin) Portraying Constantine I
Roman, minted in Antioch
Solidus (Coin) Portraying Constantine I, A.D. 324-325
Tetradrachm (Coin) Portraying Alexander the Great
Greek, minted in Ephesus, Asia Minor
Tetradrachm (Coin) Portraying Alexander the Great, 306-281 B.C., Issued by King Lysimachus of Thrace

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