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Cora Meek (American, 1889–2001)
United States, Illinois
Bedcover, 1986
Carolyn A. Ford (American, active c. 1833)
United States
Bedcover, 1833
Sarah J. Harden (American, active c. 1855)
United States, Ohio
Bedcover, 1855
United States, Ohio
Bedcover, 1950/2000
Mary Jones (American, active 1795/1820)
New England or Mid-Atlantic, United States
Bedcover, 1795/1820
Executed by Rebecca C. Hayward
American, active c. 1849
United States, Massachusetts, Winchendon
Bedcover, c. 1849
Designed and executed by Mrs. M. E. Mohortor
United States
Bedcover, 1877/78
Erna E. (née Hucke) Postel (American, 1889-1998?)
United States, Illinois, Mascoutah
Bedcover, 1912/13
Aunt Jemima Quilt
United States, Texas
Aunt Jemima Quilt, 1940/1950
"The Settling of the West" Bedcover
Designed and executed by Mildred Jacobs Chappell
American, active c. 1931–1932
"The Settling of the West" Bedcover, March 1931/September 1932

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