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Designed by George Zipelius (French, 1808–1890) after Eugene-Louis Lami (French, 1800–1890), Horace Vernet (French, 1789–1863), and Jean-Pierre-Marie Jazet (French, 1788–1871)
Manufactured by Koechlin-Ziegler
France, Alsace, Mulhouse
Episodes de la Vie de Napoléon Ier (Episodes from the life of Napoleon the first) (Furnishing Fabric), c. 1840
Le Bal (The Ball) (Furnishing Fabric)
Designed by George Zipelius (French, 1808-1890) after Sulpice Guillaume Chevallier, called Gavarni (French, 1804-1866)
Le Bal (The Ball) (Furnishing Fabric), 1827/40
Designed by George Zipelius (French, 1808-1890)
Manufactured by Dollfus-Mieg & Cie. (French, founded 1797)
Panel (Furnishing Fabric), c. 1830

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