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Designed by George Zipelius (French, 1808–1890) after Eugene-Louis Lami (French, 1800–1890), Horace Vernet (French, 1789–1863), and Jean-Pierre-Marie Jazet (French, 1788–1871)
Manufactured by Koechlin-Ziegler
France, Alsace, Mulhouse
Episodes de la Vie de Napoléon Ier (Episodes from the life of Napoleon the first) (Furnishing Fabric), c. 1840
Designed by George Zipelius (French, 1808-1890)
Manufactured by Dollfus-Mieg & Cie. (French, founded 1797)
Panel (Furnishing Fabric), c. 1830
Le Bal (The Ball) (Furnishing Fabric)
Designed by George Zipelius (French, 1808-1890) after Sulpice Guillaume Chevallier, called Gavarni (French, 1804-1866)
Le Bal (The Ball) (Furnishing Fabric), 1827/40

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