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Pair of Candelabra
English, London
Maker: James Paltro, active 1739-c. 1758
Pair of Candelabra, 1757/58
Italian, Rome
Pair of Candelabra, 1700/25
Pair of Candlesticks
English, Birmingham
Possibly designed by Rex Silver, 1879/1965
Manufacturer: Liberty & Co., founded 1875
Pair of Candlesticks, c. 1901/02
English, London
Peter Archambo I, 1680-1768
Pair of Sauceboats, 1745/46
Pair of Sauceboats and Stands
French, Paris
Martin Guillaume Biennais, 1798-1843
Pair of Sauceboats and Stands, 1794/97
Pair of Tea Caddies
English, London
William Barnard, active 1767-1818
Pair of Tea Caddies, 1878/79
David Bomes
Irish, active 1731-c. 1766
Dublin, Ireland
Pair of Wine Ewers, c. 1740
Pair of counterbalanced candlesticks
London, England
William Arthur Smith Benson (English, 1854-1924)
Pair of counterbalanced candlesticks, c. 1895
Pascal Candlestick
French, Paris
De La Macque
Pascal Candlestick, 1731
Saint Andrew
Leandro Gagliardi
Italian, 1729-1798
Saint Andrew, 1776

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