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Designed by Josef Hoffmann (Austrian, born Moravia [present-day Czech Republic] 1870-1956)
Made by Wiener Werkstätte (Austrian, 1903-1932)
Austria, Vienna
Creamer, c. 1922
Cross with Corpus
Italy, Rome
Leandro Gagliardi (Italian, 1729-1798)
Cross with Corpus, 1765/66
Cruet Stand
Designed by Koloman Moser (Austrian, 1868-1918)
Made by Alfred Mayer, silversmith for the Wiener Werkstätte (Austrian, 1903-1932)
Austria, Vienna
Cruet Stand, 1904/05
Designed by Charles Robert Ashbee (English, 1863-1942)
Silver made by the Guild of Handicraft Ltd. (English, 1888-1908)
Glass manufactured by James Powell & Sons (English, 1834-1962)
England, London
Decanter, 1901
Double Salt
France, Paris
Martin Guillaume Biennais (French, 1798-1843)
Double Salt, 1798/1809
Double Salt (one of a pair)
France, Paris
Martin-Guillaume Biennais (French, 1764-1843)
Double Salt (one of a pair), 1798/1809
Drinking Tazza
Portugal, Lisbon
Drinking Tazza, 1550/1600
Ewer and Basin
French, Montpellier
Jean Bellon, died 1776
Ewer and Basin, 1766
Ewer and Basin
Johan Erhard Heuglin II (German, 1687–1757)
Germany, Augsburg
Ewer and Basin, c. 1720
Ewer and Basin
Portuguese, Lisbon
Ewer and Basin, c. 1750

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