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German, Augsburg
Beaker, 1712/13
Czechoslovakia, Prague
Chalice, c. 1760
Drinking Tazza
Portugal, Lisbon
Drinking Tazza, 1550/1600
Ewer and Basin
Portuguese, Lisbon
Ewer and Basin, c. 1750
Mirror with Gilt Bronze Frame
French, probably Paris
Mirror with Gilt Bronze Frame, c. 1560/70
England, London
Monteith, 1685/86
Italian, Rome
Pair of Candelabra, 1700/25
Italy, Turin
Table Centerpiece, c. 1750
Wall Clock
France, Paris
Probably made by Escalier de Cristal (French, 19th century)
Made for W. H. Vanderbilt
Wall Clock, c. 1880

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