Provenance Research Project

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Angel Holding Scroll
Italian, Tuscany (?)
Angel Holding Scroll, c. 1400
Master of the Bigallo Crucifix
Italian, active about 1225-65
Crucifix, 1230/40
Female Tomb Figure
Female Tomb Figure, c. 1350
Head of a Bearded Man
Head of a Bearded Man, c. 1300
Head of a Bishop
French, Périgord
Head of a Bishop, c. 1500
Head of an Apostle
French, Paris
Head of an Apostle, c. 1210
Madonna and Child
Italian, Milan
Madonna and Child, 1350/1400
Pair of Plaques with Interlaced Chimeras
French, Limoges
Pair of Plaques with Interlaced Chimeras, 1200/50
Saint John the Baptist
Flanders or Northern France
Saint John the Baptist, 1370/80
Scene from the Legend of Saint Perpetua
Scene from the Legend of Saint Perpetua, 1350/1400

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