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Aerial Bombs Dropping on Montmedy
Photographic Section, U.S. Air Service, American Expeditionary Forces (AEF)
under the direction of Major Edward J. Steichen, A.S.A. (American, born Luxembourg, 1879–1973)
Aerial Bombs Dropping on Montmedy, 1918
Animal Locomotion, Plate 758
Eadweard Muybridge
English, active United States, 1830–1904
Animal Locomotion, Plate 758, 1887
Bullet Through Plexiglas
Harold Eugene Edgerton
American, 1903–1990
Bullet Through Plexiglas, 1962
Dancer Willem Van Loon, Paris
Ilse Bing
American, born Germany, 1899–1998
Dancer Willem Van Loon, Paris, 1932
Harry Callahan
American, 1912–1999
Detroit, 1943
Film Movement, Akeley Camera, New York
Paul Strand
American, 1890–1976
Film Movement, Akeley Camera, New York, 1922
Grand Prix of the Automobile Club of France
Jacques-Henri Lartigue (French, 1894–1986)
printed under the artist's supervision by Jean Yves du Barré (French, 20th century)
Grand Prix of the Automobile Club of France, 1912, printed 1972
Jane and Louise Wilson
English, born 1967
Reception Area, 1997
Running Legs
Lisette Model
American, born Austria, 1901–1983
Running Legs, 1940/41
Germaine Krull
French, 1897-1985
Untitled, 1930

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