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Grave of Martin Luther King
Unknown press photographer
Grave of Martin Luther King, April 5, 1970
James Meredith Grimacing in Pain
Unknown press photographer
James Meredith Grimacing in Pain, June 6, 1966
James Meredith Laughing in Car
Unknown press photographer
James Meredith Laughing in Car, June 28, 1967
KKK Cross Burning
Unknown press photographer
KKK Cross Burning, December 15, 1937
Meredith Finishes Exams, Goes Home
Associated Press
Meredith Finishes Exams, Goes Home, January 23, 1963
National Guardsman at Detroit Intersection
Unknown press photographer
National Guardsman at Detroit Intersection, July 1967
Negro Slain by Mob
International News Photos, Inc.
Negro Slain by Mob, October 29, 1934
PM Newspaper
PM Newspaper, March 31, 1946
PM Newspaper Promotional Publication
PM Newspaper Promotional Publication, 1940/41
Portrait of a French Military Officer
Artist unknown
French, mid-19th century
Portrait of a French Military Officer, c. 1855

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