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Artist unknown
American, 19th century
Untitled, c. 1852
Unknown photographer
Russian, active 20th century
Sergei Eisenstein Visiting New York, 1930/35
Untitled (Boppard)
Artist unknown
Untitled (Boppard), 1860s
Place de la Concorde, Paris
Artist unknown
Place de la Concorde, Paris, 1860s
Abbey of Holyrood
Artist unknown
Abbey of Holyrood, n.d.
Untitled (Engelberg Titlis)
Artist unknown
Untitled (Engelberg Titlis), May 1927
Untitled (Beaulieu Abbey)
Artist unknown
Untitled (Beaulieu Abbey), October 1931
Untitled (Bergün)
Artist unknown
Untitled (Bergün), June 1931
Untitled (Clare Bridge, Cambridge)
Artist unknown
Untitled (Clare Bridge, Cambridge), August 1920
Artist Unknown
4.28 Okinawa Struggle, 1969

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