Silk Road

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"Royal Flemish" Vase
Mount Washington Glass Company
American, 1837-1958
"Royal Flemish" Vase, 1889/95
Italian, Sicily
Casket, 12th century
Coconut Cup with Scenes from the Life of David
English or Netherlandish
Coconut Cup with Scenes from the Life of David, 1577/78
Shell: 17th century replacement
Coffee Pot
Charles Osborne
American, 1847-1920
Tiffany and Company
American, founded 1837
New York, New York
Coffee Pot, c. 1882
Covered Tureen and Platter
China, Jiaqing reign
Chinese, made for the American market
Covered Tureen and Platter, 1800/15
Dish, c. 1733
Dragon-Handled Amphora
Dragon-Handled Amphora, Tang dynasty, (A.D. 618–907), 1st half of 8th century
Porcelain: China, Ming dynasty (1368–1644), Wanli period (1573–1620)
Mounts: England, London, c. 1610
Ewer, c. 1610
Hispano-Moresque Jug with Bartoli Family Arms
Spanish, Valencia
Hispano-Moresque Jug with Bartoli Family Arms, 1458
Hispano-Moresque Lusterware Plate with Griffin
Spanish, Valencia
Hispano-Moresque Lusterware Plate with Griffin, 1475/1500

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