Silk Road

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Algerian Jewess
Eugène Delacroix
French, 1798-1863
Algerian Jewess, 1833
Arabs of Oran
Eugène Delacroix
French, 1798-1863
Arabs of Oran, 1833
Boulevard, from Some Aspects of Paris Life
Pierre Bonnard (French, 1867-1947)
printed by Auguste Clot (French, 1858-1936)
published by Ambroise Vollard (French, 1867-1939)
Boulevard, from Some Aspects of Paris Life, 1896
Breaking Waves, September Tide
Louis Auguste Lepère
French, 1849-1918
Breaking Waves, September Tide, 1901
Bust of an African Woman
Charles Henri Joseph Cordier
French, 1827-1905
Cast by: Eck et Durand Fondeur
French, 19th century
Bust of an African Woman, 1851
Italian, Sicily
Casket, 12th century
Chair (Kiti Cha Enzi)
Lamu, Kenya
Chair (Kiti Cha Enzi), 19th century
Chief Mohammed-Ben-Abou
Eugène Delacroix
French, 1798-1863
Chief Mohammed-Ben-Abou, 1833
Chocolate Jar with Iron-locked Lid
Talavera poblana
Puebla, Mexico
Chocolate Jar with Iron-locked Lid, 1725/75

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