Silk Road

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Algerian Jewess
Eugène Delacroix
French, 1798-1863
Algerian Jewess, 1833
Arabs of Oran
Eugène Delacroix
French, 1798-1863
Arabs of Oran, 1833
Boulevard, from Some Aspects of Paris Life
Pierre Bonnard (French, 1867-1947)
printed by Auguste Clot (French, 1858-1936)
published by Ambroise Vollard (French, 1867-1939)
Boulevard, from Some Aspects of Paris Life, 1896
Breaking Waves, September Tide
Louis Auguste Lepère
French, 1849-1918
Breaking Waves, September Tide, 1901
Italian, Sicily
Casket, 12th century
Chair (Kiti Cha Enzi)
Lamu, Kenya
Chair (Kiti Cha Enzi), 19th century
Chief Mohammed-Ben-Abou
Eugène Delacroix
French, 1798-1863
Chief Mohammed-Ben-Abou, 1833
Chocolate Jar with Iron-locked Lid
Talavera poblana
Puebla, Mexico
Chocolate Jar with Iron-locked Lid, 1725/75
Coffee Pot
Charles Osborne
American, 1847-1920
Tiffany and Company
American, founded 1837
New York, New York
Coffee Pot, c. 1882

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