Silk Road

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Punch Bowl
Punch Bowl, c. 1780/90
Vase with Cover
Attributed to the "Greek A" Factory
Delft, Netherlands, 1658–1722
Vase with Cover, 1678/80
Punch Pot
England, Staffordshire
Punch Pot, 1755/65
Porcelain: China, Ming dynasty (1368–1644), Wanli period (1573–1620)
Mounts: England, London, c. 1610
Ewer, c. 1610
Dish, c. 1733
Secretary Cabinet
Germany, Neuwied
David Roentgen (German, 1743–1807)
Secretary Cabinet, c. 1775
Sugar Bowl with Cover
China, Jianqing reign
Chinese for the American market
Sugar Bowl with Cover, c. 1800; gilding possibly added in Europe, c. 1820
Slant-Front Desk
Paris, France
Jacques Dubois (French, 1694–1763)
Slant-Front Desk, 1745/49
Sugar Caster with Cover (one of a pair)
Meissen Porcelain Factory
German, founded 1710
Modeled by Johann J. Kandler (German, 1706-1775)
Sugar Caster with Cover (one of a pair), c. 1737

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