Silk Road

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Slant-Front Desk
Paris, France
Jacques Dubois (French, 1694–1763)
Slant-Front Desk, 1745/49
Sugar Caster with Cover (one of a pair)
Meissen Porcelain Factory
German, founded 1710
Modeled by Johann J. Kandler (German, 1706-1775)
Sugar Caster with Cover (one of a pair), c. 1737
Porcelain: China, Ming dynasty (1368–1644), Wanli period (1573–1620)
Mounts: England, London, c. 1610
Ewer, c. 1610
Punch Pot
England, Staffordshire
Punch Pot, 1755/65
Dish, c. 1733
Vase with Cover
Attributed to the "Greek A" Factory
Delft, Netherlands, 1658–1722
Vase with Cover, 1678/80
Punch Bowl
Punch Bowl, c. 1780/90
Secretary Cabinet
Germany, Neuwied
David Roentgen (German, 1743–1807)
Secretary Cabinet, c. 1775

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