European Painting and Sculpture

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Czech, Bohemia
Beaker, c. 1590
Beaker with Cover
Czech Republic, Bohemia
Beaker with Cover, 1550/1600
Italian, Sicily
Casket, 12th century
Casting Bottle
Northern European
Casting Bottle, probably late 19th century
Figure of Saint Paul
Italian (?)
Figure of Saint Paul, late 19th century
L'Amazone blessée
Jean-François-Théodore Gechter
French, 1795–1844
L'Amazone blessée, 1839
Lion Aquamanile
Follower of Johannes Apengeter
German, active c. 1325-1350
Lion Aquamanile, c. 1350
Mirror Case with Falconry Scene
French, Paris
Mirror Case with Falconry Scene, 1325/50
Pendant Shaped as a Horseman
Pendant Shaped as a Horseman, c. 1860/70, second half of the 19th century
Pendant with Venus and Cupid
Northern European
Pendant with Venus and Cupid, third quarter of the 19th century

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