European Painting and Sculpture

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Czech, Bohemia
Beaker, c. 1590
Beaker with Cover
Czech Republic, Bohemia
Beaker with Cover, 1550/1600
Italian, Sicily
Casket, 12th century
Plaque with Bishop
Germany, Lower Rhine, Cologne, or Belgium, Meuse River Valley
Circle of Nicholas of Verdun (French, active 1181-1205)
Plaque with Bishop, 1180/1200
Reliquary with Tooth of Saint John the Baptist
Germany, Braunschweig
Reliquary with Tooth of Saint John the Baptist, Metalwork: 1375/1400
Rock crystal vessel: c. 1000
Egypt, Fatimid Dynasty (909–1171)
The Veltheim Cross
Germany, Braunschweig
The Veltheim Cross, c. 1300
Triton and Nereid
Jean René Gauguin
Danish, 1881-1961
Triton and Nereid, 1920/30

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