European Painting and Sculpture

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"Morgenstern", 16th century
A Burgher of Calais (Jean d'Aire)
Auguste Rodin
French, 1840–1917
A Burgher of Calais (Jean d'Aire), modeled 1889
A Lady Reading (Saint Mary Magdalene)
Master of the Female Half-Lengths
Netherlandish, active about 1520–40
A Lady Reading (Saint Mary Magdalene), About 1530
"Goat's Foot" Spanner for a Crossbow
"Goat's Foot" Spanner for a Crossbow, early 16th century
"Eared" Spear
Viking, possibly Swiss
"Eared" Spear, 10th/11th century, possibly 13th/14th century
A Lady
Johann Friedrich August Tischbein
German, 1750-1812
A Lady, c. 1770
"Eared" Spear
"Eared" Spear, 1500/1600
"Portrait of the Artist"
John Baptist
English, 1778-1831
"Portrait of the Artist", c. 1820/30
A Clump of Trees
Constant Troyon
French, 1810-1865
A Clump of Trees, c. 1860
A Family Meal
Evert Pieters
Dutch, 1856-1932
A Family Meal, 1890s (?)

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