European Painting and Sculpture

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Armor for Heavy Calvary (Cuirassier)
Armor for Heavy Calvary (Cuirassier), about 1610
Armor for Field and Tournament
Jörg T. Sorg, the Younger, after
German, Augsburg, active 1502-1542
Armor for Field and Tournament, c. 1540/60 with later etching
Armor for a Youth
Armor for a Youth, 19th century in late 16th/early 17th century style
Armor for the Field and Tourney
Southern German
Armor for the Field and Tourney, c. 1550
Armor for the Field and Tourney
German, Augsburg
Armor for the Field and Tourney, 1560/70
Southern German
Armet, c. 1520/30
Northern Italian or Flemish
Armet, 1500/20
Adarga (Shield)
Hispano-Mauresque, in the style of
Adarga (Shield), 1800/1900 (copy of 15th century Spanish style)
Archer's Sallet
Archer's Sallet, 1470/90
Armor for Field and Tourney
Italian, Milan
Armor for Field and Tourney, c. 1570/80 with modern additions

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