European Painting and Sculpture

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Glass Goblet
Austria, Vienna
Glass Goblet, late 17th century, mount: 18th/19th century
Rosewater Ewer and Basin
Franz Dotte, active c. 1595-1600
Germany, Nuremberg
Rosewater Ewer and Basin, c. 1596
Clodion (Claude Michel)
French, 1738-1814
Vase, 1766
Mirror with Gilt Bronze Frame
French, probably Paris
Mirror with Gilt Bronze Frame, c. 1560/70
Triton and Nereid
Jean René Gauguin
Danish, 1881-1961
Triton and Nereid, 1920/30
Dutch, Limburg
Tile, 1575/1600
Plate with (Effaced) Arms of an Ecclesiastical Patron
Italian, Castelli
Plate with (Effaced) Arms of an Ecclesiastical Patron, c. 1575/1600

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