Northern Italy

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Northern Italy
Border, Probably 19th century (copy of early 17th century pattern)
Northern Italy
Border, Late 19th/early 20th century
Kneeling Nun
North Italian
Late 16th century
Kneeling Nun, late 16th century
Northern Italy
Border, 1701/50
Probably Northern Italy
Flounce, 1725/50
Altar Frontal Depicting the Lilies of the Annunciation
Northern Italy
Altar Frontal Depicting the Lilies of the Annunciation, 1725/50
Two Fragments of a Border
Northern Italy, possibly Venice
Two Fragments of a Border, 1601/25
Dish with Rampant Lion
Northern Italian, Padua or Venice, or South Italian, Taranto or Brindisi
Dish with Rampant Lion, 1500/1600
Northern Italian
Desk, c. 1740
Probably Northern Italian
Pair of Musician's Chairs, c. 1770

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