About This Artwork

Spanish (Catalan)
15th century

Warrior Saint, 1490/1500

Tempera and oil on panel
72 x 42 7/16 in. (183 x 97.8 cm); painted surface: 66 x 32 3/4 in. (167.5 x 83.2 cm)

Gift of Mrs. Chauncey McCormick, 1962.86

Exhibition, Publication and Ownership Histories

Exhibition History

Art Institute of Chicago, A Century of Progress, 1934, no. 81.

Publication History

Elizabeth du Gué Trapier, Catalogue of Paintings (14th and 15th Centuries) in the Collection of the Hispanic Society of America, New York, 1930, pp. li–lii n. 18.

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Ownership History

Possibly the town of Banyoles, north of Girona [Trapier 1930, p. li].. Charles Deering, Marycel, Sitges, near Barcelona, and Chicago, by 1921 [placed on loan at the Art Institute in 1921; loan agreement, Nov. 18, 1921, Art Institute Archives]; given to his daughters Mrs. Chauncey McCormick and Mrs. Richard E. Danielson, 1924; Mrs. ChaunceyMcCormick, in a division of their joint property, 1937 [registrar’s records]; given to the Art Institute, 1962.

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