About This Artwork

Juan Gris
Spanish, 1887–1927

Portrait of Pablo Picasso, January–February 1912

Oil on canvas
36 3/4 x 29 5/16 in. (93.3 x 74.4 cm)
Signed and inscribed, l.r.: "Hommage á Pablo Picasso/Juan Gris"

Gift of Leigh B. Block, 1958.525

In 1906 Juan Gris traveled to Paris, where he met Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque and participated in the development of Cubism. Just six years later, Gris too was known as a Cubist and identified by at least one critic as "Picasso’s disciple." Gris’s style draws upon Analytic Cubism—with its deconstruction and simultaneous viewpoint of objects—but is distinguished by a more systematic geometry and crystalline structure. Here he fractured his sitter’s head, neck, and torso into various planes and simple, geometric shapes but organized them within a regulated, compositional structure of diagonals. The artist further ordered the composition of this portrait by limiting his palette to cool blue, brown, and gray tones that, in juxtaposition, appear luminous and produce a gentle undulating rhythm across the surface of the painting. Gris depicted Picasso as a painter, palette in hand. The inscription, "Hommage à Pablo Picasso," at the bottom right of the painting demonstrates Gris’s respect for Picasso as a leader of the artistic circles of Paris and as an innovator of Cubism. At the same time, the inscription helped Gris solidify his own place within the Paris art world when he exhibited the portrait at the Salon des Indépendants in the spring of 1912.

Exhibition, Publication and Ownership Histories

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Publication History

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Ownership History

Daniel-Henry Kahnweiler (1884–1979), Paris. Sold, Hôtel Drouot, Paris, June 13–14, 1921, Kahnweiler sequestration sale, lot 49, to Grassat for Galerie Simon [letter from Kahnweiler of December 2, 1975 in curatorial file]. Galerie Alfred Flechtheim, Dusseldorf and Berlin, by June 1926–at least February 1930 [Dresden 1926; Berlin 1930]. Etienne Bignou (1891-1950), Paris and Bignou Gallery, New York, by April 1933–at least April 1936 [Zurich 1933; New York 1936]. Alex, Reid and Lefevre, London, by November 1938 [London 1938]. Galerie Louise Leiris, Paris, by February 1948 [Basel 1948]; sold to Buchholz Gallery, New York, by April 1949 [New York 1949; letter from Kahnweiler of October 21, 1975 in curatorial file]. Mr. and Mrs. Leigh Block, Chicago, by 1956 [New York 1956]; given to the Art Institute, 1958.

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