About This Artwork

Édouard Manet
French, 1832-1883

The Races at Longchamp, 1866

Oil on canvas
44.0 x 84.2 cm (17 5/16 x 33 1/8 in.)
Inscribed at lower right: Manet. / 1866

Potter Palmer Collection, 1922.424

With a characteristic focus on the pleasures of modern life, Édouard Manet depicted this scene of the racetrack in the Bois de Boulogne, on the western outskirts of Paris. The popularity of Longchamp, where races were run for the first time in 1857, signaled a general revival in French horse racing. This painting records the last moments of a race, as the horses rush past the finish line, indicated by the pole with a circular top. Unlike traditional sporting artists, who always showed races from the side, Manet dared to compose the scene so that the throng of horses and jockeys thunders straight toward the viewer.

Exhibition, Publication and Ownership Histories

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Ownership History

Probably sold by the artist to Frederick Delius (1862-1924), 1877 for 1,000 francs [according to note in Manet’s account book, dated 1877, see Paris 1983]. Durand-Ruel, Paris and New York by 1895 [see New York 1895]; sold to Potter Palmer (died 1902), Chicago, 1896 [according to Rouart and Wildenstein 1975]; by descent in the Palmer family, Chicago; bequeathed to the Art Institute, 1922.

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