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Marc Chagall
French, born Vitebsk, Russia (present-day Belarus), 1887–1985

Birth, 1911/12

Oil on canvas
44 5/8 x 76 7/8 in. (113.4 x 195.3 cm)
Signed, dated and inscribed, l.l.: "M. chagall/Paris/1911", inscribed l.c.: "Naissance"

Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Maurice E. Culberg, 1952.3

© 2018 Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York / ADAGP, Paris

Many artists of the so-called School of Paris were of Eastern European and Jewish heritage, and many lived for a time in the ramshackle studio complex called La Ruche (The Hive). Marc Chagall, in fact, moved there in 1911 and lived near Amedeo Modigliani and Fernand Léger. "In La Ruche," Chagall once said, "you either came out dead or famous." Liberated from the often-strict training of their homelands, these artists found vibrant artistic interchange and unparalleled exhibition opportunities. Chagall, for example, merged new, modern styles like Cubism, Expressionism, and Futurism with personal visions and native traditions. The results of this stimulating interchange can be seen in Birth.

— Permanent collection label

Exhibition, Publication and Ownership Histories

Exhibition History

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Publication History

Marc Chagall, Sturm-Bilderbücher I: Marc Chagall (Berlin, 1914), p. 14 (ill.), as Geburt II.

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Ownership History

Franz Kluxen, Boldixum and Bockenberg, Germany, by 1914–at least 1926 [Chagall, 1914 and Dresden, 1926]. Feigl Gallery, New York, late 1940s [letter from Mrs. Hugo Feigl, January 21, 1976, in curatorial file]; sold by the gallery to Niveau Gallery, New York, early 1950s [according to Mrs. Margoulis, Niveau Gallery, in letter from Stephen Hahn, May 10, 1975, in curatorial file]; sold by the gallery to Mr. and Mrs. Culberg, Chicago, November 1951; gift to Art Institute, 1952.

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