About This Artwork

Tintoretto (Jacopo Robusti)
Italian, 1518-1594

Tarquin and Lucretia, c. 1578/80

Oil on canvas
68 7/8 x 59 5/8 in. (175 x 151.5 cm)

Art Institute Purchase Fund, 1949.203

Exhibition, Publication and Ownership Histories

Exhibition History

New York, M. Knoedler and Co., "Classics of the Nude," 1939, no. 10.

New York World's Fair, "Masterpieces of Art: European Paintings and Sculpture, 1300–1800," 1939, no. 378.

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Cleveland Museum of Art, "Masterpieces of Art from the New York and San Francisco World's Fairs," 7 February–7 March 1940, no. 63; traveled to Minneapolis Institute of Arts, 28 May–23 June, 1940, no. 37, and Los Angeles County Museum of Art, 15 July–15 September, 1940, no. 4.

Philadelphia Museum of Art, "Masterpieces of Painting," 1950–51, no. 24.

New York, E. and A. Silberman Galleries, "An Exhibition of Paintings . . . for the Benefit of the Research Fund of Art and Archeology, The Spanish Institute, Inc.," 1955, no. 16.

Cleveland Museum of Art, "Venetian Tradition," 1956, no. 49.

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Publication History

"Found in France: The New Veronese, Vivarini, and Tintoretto," Illustrated London News (4 December 1937), p. 1015.

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Ownership History

Possibly Antonio Tronsarelli, Rome (died 1601) ["Un quadro grande in tela colorito a olio di Tarquinio quando Viola Lucretia di mano del Tentoretto (sic.)"; see Matteo Lafranconi, "Antonio Tronsarelli: A Roman collector of the late sixteenth century," Burlington Magazine 140 (1998), p. 545, no. (5)]. Private collection, France [according to Illustrated London News, 4 December 1937]. Robert Lebel, Paris, by 1937 [Illustrated London News, 4 December 1937]. Richard Goetz, Paris and New York, by 1939 [1939 Knoedler exh. cat.]. Sold by E. and A. Silberman Galleries, New York, to the Art Institute, 1949.

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