About This Artwork

Paul Cézanne
French, 1839-1906

Madame Cézanne in a Yellow Chair, 1888/90

Oil on canvas
31 13/16 x 25 9/16 in. (80.9 x 64.9 cm)

Wilson L. Mead Fund, 1948.54

Exhibition, Publication and Ownership Histories

Exhibition History

Possibly Paris, Galerie Vollard, Cézanne, 1895, no cat. [see New York 2006-7, p. 33].

Moscow, La Toison d’Or, 1908, cat. 15.

Kunsthalle Düsseldorf, Sonderbund Ausstellung, May-June 1909, cat 86.

London, French Gallery, Great Masters of the French XIXth Century, 1926, cat. 5.

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Paris, Paul Rosenberg. Exposition d’Oeuvres Importantes de Grands Maîtres du XIXe siecle, May 18-June 27, 1931, cat. 7 (ill.).

Paris, Musée de L’Orangerie, Cézanne, 1936, cat. 75.

Paris, Paul Rosenberg, Exposition Cézanne (1839 – 1906), organisée à l’occasion de son centenaire, February 21-April 1, 1939, cat. 26.

London, Rosenberg & Helft, Exhibition Cézanne, April 19-May 20, 1939, cat. 17 (ill.).

Minneapolis Institute of Arts, 1950, no cat. no.

New York, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Cézanne: Paintings, Watercolors, and Drawings: A Loan Exhibition, February 7-March 16, 1952, cat. 68 (ill.), traveled to New York, Metropolitan Museum of Art, April 4-May 18, 1952.

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Washington, D. C., The Phillips Collection, Cézanne: An Exhibition in Honor of the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Phillips Collection, February 27-March 28, 1971, cat. 23 (ill.), traveled to The Art Institute of Chicago, April 17-May 16, 1971 and Boston, Museum of Fine Arts, June 1-July 3, 1971.

New York, Museum of Modern Art, Modern Masterpieces: Manet to Matisse, August 4-September 1, 1975, cat. 19, traveled to Sydney, Art Gallery of New South Wale, April 10-May 11, 1975 and Melbourne, National Gallery of Victoria, May 28-June 22, 1975.

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New York, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Cézanne to Picasso Ambroise Vollard, Patron of the Avant-Garde, September 13, 2006-January 7, 2007, cat. 46 (ill.), traveled to The Art Institute of Chicago, February 17-May 13, 2007 and Musée d’Orsay, Paris, June 18-Spetember 16, 2007.

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New York, NY, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Portraits of Madame Cézanne, November 17, 2014–March 15, 2015.

Publication History

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Ownership History

Ambroise Vollard, Paris, possibly by 1904 [according to Jayne S. Warman in New York 2006-7]; sold to Bernheim-Jeune & Cie, Paris on February 22, 1907 [according to letter from Gilbert Gruet of Bernheim-Jeune & Cie, dated November 29, 1977, copy in curatorial file]; bought by Théodore Duret, Paris on April 16, 1907 [according to Jayne S. Warman in New York 2006-7]; sold to Bernheim-Jeune & Cie, Paris, ca. April 1907 [according to Jayne S. Warman in New York 2006-7]; sold to [August?] Deusser, Düsseldorf on October 15, 1909 [Bernheim-Jeune & Cie’s stock no. 15.758, see Gruet's letter cited above]. Paul Rosenberg, Paris, by 1926 [see London 1926]; sold to Alphonse Kann, St. Germain-en-Laye and London, on October 31, 1929 [according to Jayne S. Warman in New York 2006-7]; sold by him to Paul Rosenberg & Co, New York, in October 1947 [see consular invoice, copy in curatorial file]; sold to the Art Institute on April 22, 1948.

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