About This Artwork

John Singer Sargent
American, 1856–1925

Mrs. George Swinton (Elizabeth Ebsworth), 1897

Oil on canvas
231 × 124 cm (90 3/4 × 48 3/4 in.)
Signed, lower left: "John S. Sargent"

Wirt D. Walker Collection, 1922.4450

Mrs. George Swinton epitomizes the painterly virtuosity that made John Singer Sargent one of the most favored portraitists of fashionable Europeans and Americans in the late 19th century. Extravagant color and brushwork were central to Sargent's success, as was his ability to present an image of his sitter that adhered to social standards. In Elizabeth "Elsie" Swinton's case, he accentuated her regal bearing and feminine dress. She was also known for her musical talents; at the time her portrait was executed, she was recognized as an amateur singer and later began performing professionally. Swinton's pose indicates both the poise of a performer and the countenance of a fashionable, worldly woman.

Exhibition, Publication and Ownership Histories

Exhibition History

London, England, The New Gallery, Summer Exhibition, April 24- ?, 1897, cat. 245 as Mrs. George Swinton.

Edinburgh, Scotland, Royal Scottish Academy, The Ninety-First Exhibition of the Royal Scottish Academy of Painting, Sculpture, and Architecture, May 5-September 1, 1917, cat. 142 as Mrs. George Swinton (incorrectly cited as lent by Captain George Swinton instead of Mrs. Henry Edward Ebsworth).

Pittsburgh, Carnegie Institute, Twentieth Annual International Exhibition of Paintings, April 28-June 30, 1921, cat. 304 as Portrait of Mrs. George Swinton (incorrectly cited as lent by Captain George Swinton instead of Mrs. Henry Edward Ebsworth).

Cincinnati Art Museum, Ohio, The Twenty-Ninth Annual Exhibition of American Art, May 27-July 31, 1922, cat. 38, as Portrait of Mrs. Swinton.

Art Institute of Chicago, The Thirty-Fifth Annual Exhibition of American Paintings and Sculpture, November 2-December 10, 1922, cat. 202 as Mrs. Swinton.

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Boston, Museum of Fine Arts, Memorial Exhibition of the Works of the Late John Singer Sargent, November 3-December 27, 1925.

Metropolitan Museum of Art, Memorial Exhibition of the Work of John Singer Sargent, January 4-February 14, 1926, cat. 29.

Leeds, England, Leeds Art Galleries, Lotherton Hall, John Singer Sargent and the Edwardian Age, April 5-June 10, 1979; traveled to London, National Portrait Gallery, July 6-September 9, 1979; Detroit Institute of Arts, October 17-December 9, 1979.

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Ownership History

Commissioned by Mrs. Henry Edward Ebsworth (the sitter's mother), 1897 (1) Llandough Castle, Cowbridge, Glamorgan, South Wales: (2) Gattonside House, Melrose, Roxburghshire, Scotland; (3) London, England; consigned by her to M. Knoedler & Co., London, England, and New York, 1915; sold to the Art Institute, 1922.

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