About This Artwork

Hendrick ter Brugghen
Dutch, 1588-1629

The Denial of Saint Peter, 1626/1629

Oil on canvas
51 5/8 x 69 5/8 in. (132.3 x 178 cm)

Charles H. and Mary F. S. Worcester Collection, 1969.3

Exhibition, Publication and Ownership Histories

Exhibition History

Raleigh, North Carolina, North Carolina Museum of Art, Sinners and Saints, Darkness and Light: Caravaggio and His Dutch and Flemish Followers, September 27-December 13, 1998, pp. 107-110, cat. 14, cat. by Denis P. Weller et al.; traveled to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Milwaukee Art Museum, January 29-April 18, 1999, and Dayton, Ohio, The Dayton Art Institute, May 8-July 18, 1999.

Publication History

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Ownership History

Reedtz-Thott collection, Guanø Castle near Næstved, Denmark, by ca. 1750 [according to letter from Baron Otto Reedtz-Thott dated July 26, 2004 in curatorial file]; Baron Kjeld Thor Tage Otto Reedtz -Thott (died 1923), 2nd Baron Guanø, Guanø Castle, Denmark by at least 1914; by decent to Baron Axel Reedtz-Thott, Guanø Castle, Denmark; sold by him to a London dealer in the late 1960’s [according to the letter from his son, Baron Otto Reedtz-Thott, cited above]. Wildenstein and Company, New York, by 1968; sold to the Art Institute in 1969.

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