About This Artwork

Karl Koehler
(American, born 1913)
Victor Ancona
(American, 1912-1998)

This Is the Enemy, 1942

Offset lithograph
1126 x 607 mm
Winner R. Hoe & Co., Inc. Award - National War Poster Competition

Held under Auspices of Artists for Victory, Inc. - Council for Democracy - Museum of Modern Art

Reproduced Through Courtesy of R. Hoe & Co., Inc., New York, N.Y.

Lithographed in U.S.S. on Hoe Super Offset Press by Grinnell Lithographic Co., New York, N.Y.

Exhibition of War Posters from the Artists for Victory National War Poster Competition at the National Gallery of Art January 17th to February 7th, 1943

John H. Wrenn Memorial Collection and Stanley Field Endowment, 2005.406

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