About This Artwork

Workshop of Apollonio di Giovanni and Marco del Buono Giamberti
Italian, 1415/17–1465, 1403–1489

The Continence of Scipio, c. 1455

Tempera on panel
41.8 x 137.7 cm (16 1/2 x 54 1/8 in.)

Mr. and Mrs. Martin A. Ryerson Collection, 1933.1036

Exhibition, Publication and Ownership Histories

Publication History

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Ownership History

Probably Emile Gavet, Paris [according to Registrar’s records]; Martin A. Ryerson (d. 1932), Chicago, by 1912 [according to a letter from Frank Jewett Mather, Jr., to Martin A. Ryerson of November 22,1912, Ryerson papers, Archives, The Art Institute of Chicago]; on loan to the Art Institute from 1924; bequeathed to the Art Institute, 1933.

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